This Malay Had an Epic Comeback At Datuk Jahara Who Wants Taoist...

This Malay Had an Epic Comeback At Datuk Jahara Who Wants Taoist Shrine Moved


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An epic comment left by a fellow Malaysian on a recent controversial issue has left others applauding.

An image that was posted to Malaysian gag Facebook page, Politicalgags shows an article titled, “Penang opposition leader wants Taoist shrine moved from park”.

In response to the issue, Amir wrote,

“Melayu tak tahu malu.

Orang Cina buka shopping mall, sediakan kemudahan surau cantik & selesa supaya kau mudah beribadat kau nak persoalkan kenapa ada tokong di public park di kawasan majoritinya orang Cina?

Melayu species tak tahu malu.”

Malaysians who read his comment commended on his point.

In the article by Malay Mail Online, it was reported that Penang Opposition Leader Datuk Jahara Hamid asked to have the Datuk Kong shrine moved as to take account the sensitivity of other races.

“The park designers have put a compound spirit element with idols in it. This is a western-influenced design,” said the assemblyman from Umno.

“Muslims will not go pray there for sure, but some may become confused,” she added.

Malaysians were outraged and voiced out their own opinions.

Other Malay Malaysians also agreed with what he said, mentioning that Malays are not as weak as these politicians perceive them to be.

In fact, because of the issue, Malaysian of all races came united and pointed out that the only one who is confused is the UMNO assemblyman herself and several other politicians.

“kesian. kata kita berbilang kaum dan agama..saya sering ke gereja melawat kawan sembahyang..tetapi.saya masih islam …;yang penting jatridiri la kak oiii…;…;malu aku jadi melayu kalau macam ni pemikiran melayu sekarang” a user wrote.

That’s an insult to the Malay people for degrading their own race and religion like this.” said another.

One person even joked, “If people are so easily confused, I think Sunway Pyramid’s hieroglyphics may need to be removed soon too!”