Most Important Thing In A Relationship

Most Important Thing In A Relationship


Most Important Thing In A Relationship

There are tens and thousands of lists about top 10 things you should know and do to find your prince charming. They all contain ridiculous stereotypes and tons of misconceptions about hairstyles, body proportions and fashion. If you stumble onto one of those cheeky articles then it might also mention sex positions and what men supposedly find hot.

How many times have you seen headlines along the lines of 7 things every girl should do to please her boyfriend? Lies. Theyre all lies!

Were being brainwashed from a very early age about what a woman should and shouldnt do. Hundreds of impressionable teenage girls reading this and buying into the idea that if you dress just right and look just perfect you will miraculously end up in a perfect relationship that will inevitably lead to a beautiful marriage and a house with 2,5 kids and a white picket fence around your beautiful yard.

In addition to being told exactly how to dress, act and do your makeup, were also being told that if were too picky we will end up alone forever. Theres books written by men for women recommending them to only have 5 deal breakers things that absolutely, positively would kill the relationship for you. Only 5 things theyre allowed NOT to put up with in their search for a suitable boyfriend. Doesnt that sound ridiculous? And most importantly, do women ever take the time to explain the deal breakers to men? Probably not.

Ladies, its time to realize that no matter how many articles you may read about a perfect haircut all men find attractive or a dress that will make him lose his mind, it wont dramatically change your life. It might help you score a date, or a hook-up,and if thats what youre looking for you go girl! Casual dating is a great thing that will help you learn more about yourself and what you like and dont like in your man. It will also, most certainly provide you with a humorous story you can later tell your friends.

But if its a serious relationship youre looking for, then forget all that stuff you read it the magazines and just be yourself. You can be as picky as you like, and wear what you want. No matter how much the media tries to make us believe that men and women are completely different species and have a set or rules each of them should follow its just simply not the case. Were not that different. Men dont only care about looks, and women arent only after a wealthy husband with a 6 pack abs! We all value each others views and opinions, character traits, interests and tastes in music or movies, we all appreciate good jokes and engaging conversations.

Truth be told, there are only 5 things that matter in a relationship integrity, honesty, trust, communication and humor. If you have those, youre set. Theres no problem that cant be solved with an honest conversation where both partners are open minded and ready to listen. Go find a man who cherishes these traits and youve found your prince!